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SAGE Campus for institutions

SAGE Campus for groups


SAGE Campus for institutions

SAGE Campus for groups

Upskill a group of faculty, staff, students, colleagues, or fellow researchers to
work effectively with big data and new computational methods.

Does your institution or organization want to…


Super-charge your team of analysts or researchers


Remain competitive by embracing the data revolution


Ensure faculty and staff keep up with the latest methods


Give students
career-ready skills

Features and benefits of our SAGE Campus courses

Available 24/7

Learners with different abilities and schedules can go at their own pace. The time taken to completed each courses ranges from 2-35 hours.

Engaging content

Our courses are packed with engaging content, activities, text and video - students love it, helping insitutions get good feedback!

Practical skills

With our courses, learners learn through doing, and will be able to start applying their new skills to their research immediately.

Signed certificates

All courses give a certificate of completion, signed by the instructor, that can be downloaded from our platform.

Academically robust with trusted SAGE quality

Our courses are academically robust so can supplement your existing curriculum and enable flipped classroom learning.

How it works

How it works

How it works 

1. Choose which course/s you'd like and the start dates and access period

Our courses are run multiple times a year, so the simplest option is for your group to enroll onto a pre-scheduled course. Alternatively, we can schedule your own start date and cohort to a date that suits your group depending on your number of learners. The standard access period for the courses is three months, but you can choose to extend to six months.

2. You get a tailored quote based on your amount of learners and needs

Our suite of 10 stand alone courses range in price depending on their length, but all are offered to institutions looking to enroll a group of 5 or more at a discounted price per head. If you want to give 50+ learners access to our course, these prices drop significantly.

Furthermore, if your institution or organization is interested in 2 or more courses, the second and any additional courses are half price, so get in touch for a tailored quote.

3. Enrollment is easy

Once you've decided who you want to access, you simply give us a list of your learners name and we sort the rest.

4. Access 24/7 on our platform

Once the course starts your learners simply log in to our online platform to gain access. They can access it 24/7 and complete the modules in the way that works best around their busy schedules.

5. Personalized learning options

Want learner analytic reports exclusively for your institution or a tailored email communication plan to motivate your learners? Let us know and we can discuss options with you.

Need institution or organization-wide access?

Our courses will soon be available for purchase via SCORM file for you to host on your own Learning Management System.

About our courses

About our courses

 About our courses

Our online data science courses are created by social scientists, specifically for social scientists, and are completely self-paced.

Our suite of 10 standalone courses take between 2 and 35 hours to complete and cover the topics of social media data, data visualization, text mining and analysis, programming in R and Python and more. We also have a package of 10 other courses, Fundamentals of Data Science for Social Scientists, available for institutional purchase which combines to 100+ hours of learning.

Want to try it out first? Leave your details in the form below to get instant free access to the first modules of all our courses.

Click the arrows below to browse our stand-alone courses and pick and choose a package for your institution. If you’re not sure which courses to select, get in touch.


Fundamentals of Data Science for Social Scientists

Find out about our subscription package of 10 courses, covering the big picture of data science, basic programming skills, and intermediate ‘bytesize’ data management and analysis topics.

The full package consists of 10 courses and takes 100+ hours.


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What our learners say


University of Nottingham ESRC Doctoral Training Programme
The University upskilled PhD candidates in how to program in Python with our Introduction to Python online course. The interactive and varied learning suited their learners, spanning disciplines as diverse as politics, history, psychology and health studies (to name a few).


'Adapting to survive': PhD student future-proofs her research with data science skills
‘If you’re not learning data science skills you’re essentially dying a slow death’ says Martha*, a humanities PhD student who has taken a number of SAGE Campus online data science courses to date. Find out how Martha’s been putting her skills to use.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I demo the courses first?

Yes! Get instant demo access to the first modules of all our courses by filling out the form at the "about our courses" section of this page. If you want to try the course further, get in touch!

How long will my group have to complete the course?

The courses range from 2 to 35 hours to complete. You can choose for your group to have a 3 or 6 month access period to the course, so either way, there is plenty of time to work through the whole course.

Can the courses be hosted on my institution's own LMS instead?

Currently learners come to our platform, but we'll soon be offering our courses as SCORM delivery for institutional purchase so you can host them on your own Learning Management System.

Register your interest for SCORM via the form in the "how it works" section of this page.

Are there deadlines during the course?

We know that balancing work, family responsibilities, and online learning can be hard, so SAGE Campus courses are all self-paced.

We do not set assignment or module completion deadlines. We send occasional emails to motivate your group, but we find it’s best not to contact learners too frequently as everyone learns at a different pace.

What support will my group have?

The dedicated SAGE Campus learning support team are always at hand to answer any IT or technical queries your learners have. Learners can contact the team directly through the platform.

Additional support for your group can be arranged depending on your requirements. If your group has some experience already and you feel that they won’t benefit from a course instructor, we can keep support to a minimum. Alternatively, we can offer live Q&A sessions or email support with a subject expert at an additional cost. We’re happy to discuss your desired learning outcomes with you and suggest a solution that suits your learning needs.

How do I know how my group is doing?

If you would like to keep track of how your group is doing we can create personalised learner reports as an optional extra. Once we get a sense of your group’s learning outcomes we can work together finding out what information will be most beneficial and how often these reports should be created.

Can I enroll multiple groups on multiple courses?

Yes we provide courses on a variety of subjects and you can sign groups up to as many courses as you choose. You get a further discount for enrolling a group on two or more courses.

How do I pay?

We will issue you a sales agreement and invoice.

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