Why learn with SAGE Campus?

Online Courses For Groups


Why learn with SAGE Campus?

Online Courses For Groups

We offer group packages of all our courses. Upskill your staff, colleagues, students, or fellow researchers in how to work effectively with big data and new computational methods with our online courses.

We offer training on a variety of topics and skills to work effectively with big data and computational methods, including data analysis, data management, programming, data visualisation, and text analysis. See all available courses here.

Why SAGE Campus?

We’ve delivered courses to over 500 academics and practitioners in the field of social science, so we’re well equipped to help your colleagues or trainees achieve important milestones within your institution.

Courses available 24/7

Finding dates and locations that are convenient for a large group makes face-to-face training difficult to organise. SAGE Campus online courses allow groups of learners with different schedules, or even different time zones, access to self-paced learning at a time that is convenient for them.

Enrolling is easy

We’ll supply you with an enrollment code for distribution to your group. Your group then sign themselves up using the enrollment code, so you don’t need to be the middleman. If you have a maximum number of learners in your group we can cap the code usage so that only your chosen number of learners can sign up.

We have learning options to suit you

We can provide a number of options depending on your needs. If you would like extra support such as online Q&A sessions with a subject expert or learner analytic reports that are exclusively for your group, we can arrange this. Let us know what your needs are and we can discuss personalised learning options with you.

Price is based on your needs

If you want to enroll more than 10 learners onto one of our courses you will receive a discount – and the discount increases the more learners you enroll. Please contact us for a quote. Prices for options such as learner support are also available on request.



Frequently Asked Questions

When do the courses take place?

Our courses take place approximately 3 times a year depending on the course topic. If we have a cohort running in the next 2 months you will find the course start date on the course information pages. If the course start date is not listed, that means that a cohort has recently begun. Please contact us to find out when the next cohort is scheduled.

If you have a large group we may be able to arrange a start date that suits you. Please speak to us about this.

How do I pay?

We will invoice you based on the number of times that the enrollment code has been used to sign up to your chosen course.

How long will my group have to complete the course?

The courses range from 8 to 20 hours learning time. Your group will have 3 months in which to complete those learning hours so there is plenty of time to work through the whole course.

Are there deadlines during the course?

We know that balancing work, family responsibilities, and online learning can be hard, so SAGE Campus courses are all self-paced. We do not set assignment or module completion deadlines. We send occasional emails to motivate your group, but we find it’s best not to contact learners too frequently as everyone learns at a different pace.

What support will my group have?

The level of support that your group has will range depending on your requirements. If your group has some experience already and you feel that they won’t benefit from a course instructor, we can keep support to a minimum. Alternatively if you would like to provide additional support to your group we can offer a range of options including support via live Q&A sessions with a subject expert or email support. We’re happy to discuss your desired learning outcomes with you and suggest a solution that suits your learning needs.

How do I know how my group is doing?

If you would like to keep track of how your group is doing we can create personalised learner reports as an optional extra. Once we get a sense of your group’s learning outcomes we can work together finding out what information will be most beneficial and how often these reports should be created.

Can I try out a course first?

Yes. If you would like to try the course before enrolling your group you are able to review the course. Please state this when you make your enquiry.

Can I enroll multiple groups on multiple courses?

Yes we provide courses on a variety of subjects and you can sign groups up to as many courses as you choose. We would also consider further discounts if you sign a group to multiple courses.

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