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Subscriber Resources

Thank you for subscribing to Critical Thinking: An online course!

To help you get the most out of your course subscription, here are some handy resources to download and use to:

  • Let staff know about access to the course so they can build it into their teaching or assign to students

  • Get students motivated to take the course and build their critical skills.

Email announcements

Email announcement templates to let faculty, librarians and students know that you provide access to Critical Thinking: An online course.

Walkthrough guide

Walkthrough guide to help students navigate their way through the course. The guide provides a short course introduction, special features to watch out for, instructions on accessing and navigating the course, and FAQs to answer common queries.

Customisable posters

Customisable posters to display in skills units, Learning & Development centres, libraries and departments.

You can add your own logo, text and course link using the editable box – simply download and save the files, add your information, then print.

Banner ads

Banner adverts for your VLE/LMS or website, so that students can quickly find and access the course.

They come in two eye-catching designs and in a variety of sizes.  Simply save the images you want, then load them onto your online platforms and link directly to the course.

PowerPoint slides

PowerPoint slides for presentations and electronic devices, so you can showcase the course in talks, events or on computer screens.