This October we're launching a SAGE Campus Bytesize! These short online courses teach core data science skills in under 5 hours, making them perfect for people who are eager to develop their skills, but short on time.  Commissioning editor Lily Mehrbod discusses how the courses came to be developed

SAGE Campus Bytesize courses are currently available with 25% off, with an early bird booking. Use discount code EARLYBIRD25 until September 9th 2018. 

Sometimes you want to settle in to watch The Godfather Part II, and sometimes you just want a quick Seinfeld fix. Sometimes you want a full three course meal, and sometimes you just want a snack. What about your learning? Sometimes you want a whole scale course experience, and sometimes you want to skill up on something specific, or just satisfy a curiosity itch.

At SAGE Campus we believe in choice for learners, which is why we’ve launched a new series of short courses, each focusing on key aspects of computational social science. 

Asking for user input is a crucial part of the way we operate. After gathering feedback and talking directly to our learners it was clear that many social scientists have the desire to learn new methods and skills but often lack a prolonged period of time to learn new techniques. We found that social scientists need something quick and handy they can fit in around their busy lifestyles and commitments.  

As a result, on top of the comprehensive full courses we already offer, we’ve created a series of short ‘Bytesize’ courses on the following topics:

•    Network Analysis
•    Collecting Data from the Web
•    Data Visualization
•    Data Formats
•    Machine Learning
•    Text Analysis
•    Cleaning Data and Preprocessing

Each are between 2-5 hours long, which means you can fit them into a weekend, or a couple of spare evenings according to what works best for you. 

If you already have some knowledge of Python and/or R and you're ready to learn some new skills, these courses are perfect for you. If you're new to programming we recommend you complete Introduction to Data Science with Python and Introduction to Data Science with R before taking one of our bytesize courses.